Purple Mattress Review

For those who are looking for a mattress that is both comfortable and yet firm enough to support and align the back, Purple is one of the best choices out there. Customers praise it for its ingenuity and its ability to free them from chronic pain.



Purple is one of those “best of both worlds” mattresses that will suit just about anyone’s needs. It is springy and bouncy like a coil mattress, which means that it doesn’t sink in or form uncomfortable imprints of your body over time.

At the same time, it’s not so firm that it makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a rock. For the vast majority of sleepers—except those who need an especially soft mattress—this bed will be “just right.”

The reason for the unusual springiness is the hyper-elastic polymer top layer. This helps the mattress conform to the body while you’re lying on it, and then quickly regain its shape once you get up. It’s also formed in a gridded pattern, so that there’s plenty of air circulation.

The polymer doesn’t tend to retain heat, and this is one of the cooler mattresses that you can buy—much cooler than foam, or even inner spring offerings. It is also extremely durable and will last longer than latex without deteriorating.



There are two foam layers below this springy polymer layer, and these are what provide the support. Most people would find this mattress to be firmer than usual, though it still cradles the body well. This makes it ideal for people who experience pain or pressure points with other mattresses.

When you lie down on Purple, it sinks in slightly wherever you apply the most weight, but you instantly feel the support of the foam layers underneath. Some customers say that it’s like sleeping on a cloud because the mattress does not sag uncomfortably, but they don’t feel any pressure coming from beneath them.

For those who need extra support, Purple sells a platform as well. It is made of metal and extremely strong, but doesn’t make noise when it’s jostled around, just as with the Purple mattress itself. Their platform also gives uniform support so that there’s no uncomfortable sagging.


Trial Period / Guarantee

Though most people are extremely satisfied with Purple and never find the need to send it back, the company does have a risk-free trial period. If there’s a problem within your first 100 nights and you decide that the mattress isn’t for you for any reason, you can get all of your money back without having to spend even a single dime on shipping.



Manufacturing Quality and Warranty

Purple is built with high quality materials that are built to last. Customers often comment on how dense and solid the bed feels, and that’s because of the high density of the foam support. The mattresses are made to order, so they take a few weeks to be delivered, but the delivery is well worth the wait because you well get an extremely well-built mattress.

Purple doesn’t use any toxic ingredients in their mattresses, and you can be assured that your bed will be hypoallergenic as well as germ resistant. Even their optional steel platform base is dust mite resistant but you might not even need to worry about them. It’s a great mattress to buy if you are struggling with a bed that collects allergens and irritates you at night.

In addition, Purple is an American company and the mattress is made in the USA. All of the materials are eco-friendly and recycled. It is backed by a 10 year warranty.



Customer Feedback

Many people say that Purple is the best mattress that they’ve ever had, and it’s easy to see why. It was designed to suit almost any kind of sleeper, and it provides a lot of the benefits of a firm mattress without the pressure points.

Customers who had back problems, but could not tolerate the discomfort of an extra firm, hard-as-a-rock mattress praise Purple for serving as a good compromise of these two worlds.

Since the mattress is bouncy without transferring motion, due to the grid configuration of the top layer, people like that they can slide out of bed at night without disturbing their partners. Even better, because it sleeps cool, couples who sleep in the same bed don’t have to worry about causing each other to overheat.

Most people report that they are having a much easier time falling asleep, and that they are tossing and turning a lot less. This is both due to Purple’s support which helps keep people pain free, and also the breathability of it.

Heavy customers in particular find that they enjoy Purple. It gives them the support they need, while still providing a cozy experience. It also doesn’t form an indentation, even when huge weight is applied to it night after night.

The strong platform that Purple sells has also been praised by heavier customers as being indestructible.

The pillows and cover sheet serve as a great complement to the bed, and customers are largely satisfied with the softness of the fabric as well as their breathability. The pillows are made of the same material as the top layer of the mattress.


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It is one of the best mattresses of its kind, and comes with a unique, hyper-elastic polymer that you can’t get anywhere else.

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Recommend to Family and Friends?

Purple comes highly recommended as a solid, durable, and supportive mattress that is also extremely comfortable to sleep in night after night. The material that it’s made of holds up extremely well and will bounce right back to its original shape, even with heavy sleepers.

One of its greatest points is that it is breathable, since the hyper-elastic polymer that makes up the most important layer is purposefully made to contain air pockets for good air circulation. It doesn’t transfer motion, either, which is a huge plus if you have a partner.

It isn’t made of toxic materials, doesn’t pick up nasty microbes, and is hypoallergenic. A mattress of this quality would easily cost twice as much, but since Purple comes direct from the manufacturer, it really is a huge bargain.