Helix Mattress Review

Could the Helix be the best bed you ever had? This really depends on how you design it. The Helix is one of the most customizable “mattress in a box” deals that you can find online.



Comfort will always depend on your personal preferences, and the Helix mattress is one of the few foam beds out there that really stands out when it comes to customization options. The bed is built from the ground up to suit your needs, and all you need to do is answer a few important questions on the website.

The ordering process basically starts with a short survey, where you tell Helix your name, your age, your height, your weight, and other information about what you find attractive in a mattress. You can specify how hot you tend to get in your sleep, and also whether you like the bed to be firmer or softer.

After taking all of these statistics into account, Helix then automatically creates design plans based around your traits. Even if you know nothing about mattresses, it doesn’t really matter; Helix will try to find the most comfortable combination of materials for you.



A lot of people have partners with different sleeping preferences, and this is where the Helix can really come in handy. It will customize both sides of the bed differently if you want, which means that you don’t need to fight about what kind of mattress you both will get. Each side will be exactly what each of you needs.

Though every bed is specific to the person who ordered it, there are a few interesting things that every Helix bed has to make the sleeper comfortable. The first thing is the advanced proprietary foam that they use on the very top layer of the bed, which is about 2” thick.

Some people find the sinking sensation of many memory foam mattresses to be uncomfortable and claustrophobic—not to mention hot.

The foam that comes with the Helix doesn’t have these problems, though, and is very springy. You can bounce on it almost as well as you can with a latex mattress. It does cradle your body gently as you would expect from a memory foam bed, though. It’s soft to the touch and very comfortable.



There is layer underneath the special foam that adds lots of air circulation and bounce. It’s a series of small coils that support and conform to your body. They’re worlds better than the springs of ancient coil mattresses, though. They’re not hard and won’t create pressure points.

There’s many of them—over a thousand—and each of them applies only a small amount of support on its own, so it feels very uniform. It’s like crowd-surfing on a sea of tiny hands that hold you up. Under the high quality foam, you’ll probably be unable to even feel that there are coils there, though. This layer is only 2.4” thick.

Since the mattress is roughly 10” in thickness, there is a lot more going on underneath those two top layers. Mostly, there are padded foam support layers that will help to keep your spine straight as you sleep.

The exact order and properties of these layers will depend on what you plugged into the online quiz and how you mattress was ultimately personalized.

Overall, the mattress is comfortable for most people, since it is specific to their wants, and it also sleeps cool and keeps your body in good alignment regardless of the firmness.


Trial Period / Risk Free Guarantee

There’s no need to take a risk on this mattress; it has a money-back guarantee. Use it for 100 nights and if it’s not what you hoped it would be, you can send it back free of charge. There’s no shipping fee.


Manufacturing Quality and Warranty

Helix goes a long way to ensure that they have quality materials. They source their materials in the US, and the bed is made only with environmentally friendly products. It is also non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

In fact, if you suffer from allergies, one good reason to get the Helix over other mattresses is that it achieves its bounciness without the need for latex. The mattress is 100% made in the USA and none of the process is outsourced.

The warranty that Helix offers is a fairly common 10-year limited warranty. If your mattress deteriorates because of a manufacturer’s defect within that time period, then they will replace it for you. The mattress is quite durable, though, so chances are that you won’t face this problem.



Customer Feedback

Response to the Helix mattress has been overwhelmingly positive.

People who have slept on it for a few days or a few months equally report positive changes in their sleep. Some people who suffering from back problems or other chronic pain report that the issues have greatly diminished since they started using the bed. Many say that they’ve never slept on a better mattress.

Customers seem particularly happy with the support that the mattress offers. People with a wide range of sleeping styles find that it is just hard enough to make them feel like they are floating effortlessly on the mattress, but not so hard that they compromise comfort.

Plenty of customers also feel like they are getting better quality, more restful sleep consistently every night.


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Recommend to Family and Friends

The Helix is definitely the kind of mattress to recommend to someone who is looking for an upgrade from their uncomfortable innerspring or even their old style memory foam mattress.

The Helix sleeps cooler and has more bounce than most memory foams, while conforming well to the sleeper’s body and adjusting to their weight.

Of course, the customization that Helix offers is a huge plus as well, and it is more than just a gimmick. Using a research-backed quiz, customers are presented with a mattress design that genuinely addresses their sleep issues and delivers an often perfect solution.